Whatsapp finally debuts a much awaited feature, the Whatsapp call links. A feature that has been existing in Zoom, Google meet and Microsoft teams, and maybe even since the days of Webex, where you’d create a call link, traditionally known as call bridge, and share it with people you would like to invite to participate in the meeting.

The feature will be available soon for group calls of upto 32 people!

One main advantage of Whatsapp call links over and above the already existing group calls is that anyone having the access to the link can join the call. They don’t necessarily have to be in your contact list. Though with one caveat that they should be having a Whatsapp account.

This has been a feature long missed on Whatsapp, specially during the Pandemic days, when most of the enterprises moved to Work From Home culture, and different companies would subscribe to different services like Google suite or Microsoft Teams, or Skype. Now, considering the wide acceptance of Whatsapp, they surely are bound to make a dent in the Work From Home industry as Whatsapp becomes more common a platform that most of us are acquianted to.

The feature is being slowly rolled out and if you don’t already have it, don’t feel left out as you could expect it in one of the upcoming Whatsapp updates.