Now in Android is the Google’s official reference app for Android developers.

Google’s Now in Android is a sample application, that Android developers can refer to, in order to get a complete reference of what the Android team has done recently, what is expected, what app policies and app design guidelines are to be followed along with library and platform releases, articles, videos, podcasts, samples, codelabs – whatever seems relevant and interesting for Android developers.

Now in Android is a fully functional Android app built entirely with Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and designed with Material 3. Its source code and supporting material is intended to be a useful reference for developers.

With the latest release of Now in Android, Google released the new Material 3 design which is the latest update to the Material design that is a part of their design guidelines to the Android developers. As per Google, their main focus on the design direction was more on the energy they want to showcase with Now in Android: Fun, Bold and Lively

Google has released Now in Android as an open source app under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0) so a developer can always refer to the app’s own codebase in case they need to clarify anything that they weren’t able to understand while following the documentation.