WhatsApp has rolled out a feature where you can now message yourself!

Have you been amongst those people, who would simply send your friends and family members a message or share a link, just so it stays noted for you to refer back to later? Well, looks like WhatsApp has noticed that and made it simple, by now allowing you to simply message yourself and stop bombarding others WhatsApp threads!

Messages sent to yourself will be visible on all of your linked devices, and they will continue to remain end-to-end encrypted as per the USP of WhatsApp security.

Simply open a new chat, and when you’re selecting a contact to message, you’ll see your own contact right at the top of the list. Additionally, a different chat caption shows up when opening this chat – Message yourself.

This feature had been around for quite some time in most of the messaging platforms including Slack and Telegram where you can message yourself. Even most of the Email clients allow you to do this. WhatsApp seems to have taken note of this, and tried to offer it the easier way… Simply chat with yourself!