Google Play has been sharing the best Android game of the year since the past few years and this year’s edition was just announced! The awards are a combination of editorial reviews and judgements along with Android owners through the user’s choice.

Google says, “Games are transformative: They help build communities, foster creativity, and communicate complex ideas. This year we explored creative playgrounds, enchanting stories, and huge new worlds. Our picks for this year’s top games cover a wide range of experiences that show how people connect through play; presenting Play’s best games of 2022”.

Overall (editorial as well as user’s choice) best game of the year 2022 goes to Electronic Art’s Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile rose through the Esports ranks, regularly trending and appearing in top 10 download lists throughout the year. The game brings all the excitement of the Apex Legends series to mobile and tablets so you can easily play wherever you are.

It is a multiplayer shooter game featuring FPS, TPS, and combat action. In multiplayer mode, you can team up with two other players in competitive PvP team battle games

Apart from the overall winner, Google also announced winners in specific categories…

Best Multiplayer game of the year 2022 : Dislyte

Best Pick Up & Play game of the year 2022 : Unsurprisingly Angry Birds Journey

Best Indies game of the year 2022 : Dicey Dungeons

Best game of the year 2022 for tablets : Tower of Fantasy

And Google has also come up with 3 new categories from this year…

Best story game of the year 2022 : Papers, Please

Best ongoing game of the year 2022 : Genshin Impact

Best game of the year 2022 on Play Pass : Very Little Nightmares

Best game of the year 2022 for Chromebooks : Roblox