Google today launched the Android 13 Go Edition following the Android 13 on Google Pixel phones launch with their announcement back in August 2022.

For those caught unaware, Android Go Edition is the version of Android, tailored for low end smart phones with less than 2GB of RAM. Does that make you nostalgic about those old days when Android 4 itself would run on 1GB RAM!!

Welcoming Android Go Edition phones to the world of auto updates

The highlight of this release is that now Android Go Edition phones also now come to the world of automatic updates! These phones also will now be more secure with critical security issues getting auto-fixed and pushed to the phones.

Material You layout to Android Go Edition phones

Now all the looks of your screen, from main screen, to lock screen to the color scheme, all can be customised to suite your style.

Content Discovery tuned to your use

Now with just a swipe, you will be able to browse all the content that you are used to seeing, reading or watching, present right there, intelligently curated just for you.

Notification Permissions

You can now customize the permissions of your notifications, whether they should sound or be silent or not alert at all, on a per app basis. This gets a lot more peace of mind than having the anxiety to look at your phone screen every time something beeps.

Let all of us having the Google Go Edition update to the latest and post what more can we discover from this release!