Google has just released the first developer preview of Android 14, named the Upside Down Cake!

As we all know, Google has long discontinued the naming of Android versions (since Android 10). However, they do still continue to name them atleast for their internal use with the names of deserts, and thus comes the new desert – Upside Down Cake – a cake that is baked “upside-down” in a single pan, usually a skillet, with its toppings at the bottom of the pan!

As much as we would all be hoping to see as big a set of feature changes as an upside-down cake, atleast for the developers, luckily that is not the case!

It wasn’t too long ago that Android 13 started rolling out on the first set of Android devices, August 2022 to be precise. Today, Google has released the first developer preview of Android 14.

Android continues to deliver enhancements and new features year-round, and your Android 14 developer preview and Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) beta program feedback plays a key role in helping Android continuously improve. The Android 14 developer site has lots more information about the preview, including downloads for Pixel and the release timeline. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, and thank you in advance for your continued help in making Android a platform that works for everyone.

Some of the prime features that Android 14 would be focusing on would be to continue to support tablets and foldable form factors, to help you build apps that adapt to different screen sizes and the further improvements in battery life.

As we install Android 14 on one of our own devices, we’ll get some more updates soon, along with a lots of screenshots! Stay tuned!