Google is launching its Developer Preview of the new Cross Device SDK for Android.

With this SDK, developers can now build applications for all Android devices, independent of the form factor.

Today Android is used across different platforms, in your smart phones, tablets, TVs, wearables and even cars. And while at it, people do want the devices to be connected to each other so the data on one can be accessed via the other device.

However, at the moment, an app created for one form factor not necessarily works on the other. So, if you want your app to work in all the form factors, you would need to end up building an app for each of them.

With the launch of this new Cross Device SDK for Android, the developers can take advantage of the SDK along with the new APIs that are part of it to be able to simplify the following use cases for the device owners…

  • Discovering and authorizing communication with nearby devices.
  • Sharing an app’s current state with the same app on another device.
  • Starting the app on a secondary device without having to keep the app running in background.
  • Establishing secure connections for devices to communicate with each other.
  • Enabling task handoff where the user starts a task on one device, and can easily continue on another device.

Refer to the Cross Device SDK developer guide to get started and start offering an all round experience for your app users.