CES 2023, the most influential tech event in the world, has finally come to an end, showcasing, what to expect from the largest electronics and tech brands and innovators of the world, in the upcoming years. From color changing electronics, be it refrigerators or EVs, Toilet sensors that can read your pee, Massive televisions and electronics brands venture into manufacturing an EV!

CES shattered expected attendance drawing over 115,000 industry professionals – marking the largest audited global tech event since early 2020. With over 3200 exhibitors, including 1000 startups, CES 2023 showcased the next era of innovation from transportation and mobility to digital health, sustainability, Web3, metaverse and beyond.

As with every year’s CES, this year too LG, Sony, Samsung, Dell, Intel, Nvidia were amongst the biggest ones to announce their upcoming innovations. However, the most wacky innovations came from the smaller or newer brands. While the list of innovations displayed are way too long to track, lets highlight some of the most popular ones here.

BMW i Vision Dee – The car that changes colors

BMW brings in a simple, yet innovative idea with their newest EV i Vision Dee. It comes with an exterior of 240 E Ink panels. You can use those panels to program a digital face into the car’s grille — because it’s an EV, the ventilation that grilles typically provide isn’t actually needed — or change the car’s colors at the click of a button.

Sony Afeela EV

Sony is teaming up with Honda on a brand new Electronic Vehicle named Afeela. The Afeela logo appears on a narrow screen, or “media bar,” on the vehicle’s front bumper. This can also interact with people outside the vehicle and share information such as the weather or the car’s state of charge.

Candela C8 EV Hydrofoil Boat

Candela’s C8 EV hydrofoil boat is a slick vessel that glides along the water like a flying carpet. It comes with autonomous boating, where the it can stick to a set course. The entire boat is made of carbon fiber, including the seats.

Aska A5 Flying car

The concept of flying cars has been long expected coming, however this might be the first time we are seeing an actual production model for which pre-orders have already begun. Aska revealed their A5 flying car at CES 2023. Aska cofounder Guy Kaplinsky said Federal Aviation Administration approval for the A5 could happen “within a month”.

Withings’ U-Scan – Toilet Sensor

In today’s age, tracking personal health using gadgets like the smart watches and smart treadmills have grown in popularity. Now comes yet another gadget, that tests your urine sample and passes on the health report of your urine, directly an app on your smartphone! All you need to do is use the Withings’ U-Scan toilet sensors. It comes with two 2 cartridges.

One cartridge made for the U-Scan is meant to monitor nutrition and metabolic information by measuring ketone and vitamin C levels and testing your urine’s pH (low or high pH can be associated with kidney health and more).

The second is made for people who want to better track their menstrual cycles, by measuring surges of LH, or luteinizing hormone. LH peaks when ovulation is right around the corner and fertility is likely highest. This cycle cartridge will also measure urine pH.

Acer Desk Bike – Pedal to charge your laptop

Acer brings bike desks! The more you pedal, the more you charge your laptop. Now you have no excuse to say that you do not have any time for your daily excercise!

Samsung 8K Projector

Samsung demoed its Premiere projector, an ultra-short throw projector that can create an image up 150 inches diagonally on your living room wall. Instead of placing it at the back of the room, you put the Premiere right up against the wall

LG Wireless TV – World’s largest

It’s a 97-inch OLED TV, and it remains the biggest OLED TV in the world. And since OLED provides the best picture quality available, it’s damn impressive in person at that size. However, the surprising part is that now its all wireless!

Some more worthy mentions are CZ Smart watch – which measures fatigue and alertness levels, Alienware x14 – the thinnest laptop in the world and the Samsung Flex Hybrid display – which folds and slides at the same time!