MWC 2023 is full of exciting announcements and Xiaomi is not a company to stay quite. Xiaomi has announced a whooping 300W charger which will fully charge your phone within 5 minutes!

The 300W demo featured a Redmi Note 12 Pro+ modified with a 4,100mAh battery, which is a little smaller than the 4,300mAh in the 210W Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition (and the Realme has a far more generous 4,600mAh). As you can see in the video, the phone reached 20 percent in just a little over one minute, followed by the 50 percent mark in 2 minutes 12 seconds, and then 100 percent in just a little under 5 minutes. The power meter indicated a peak input of a little over 290W for the charger, and it also managed to sustain 280W and above for around two minutes at one point.

The new 300W charger of Redmi uses the fourth-generation GaN integration solution, allowing high power output in small size and higher efficiency. The charger adopts a full-link self-developed 300W fast-charging architecture, using a customised 6:2 charge pump chip with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98%.

Redmi’s 300W charger is based on a dual-string battery design, requiring an ultra-high charging rate of 15C. To comply with this, Xiaomi has introduced a new type of hard carbon material in smartphone batteries, reducing the thickness of the electrodes by 35%. The charger has a sandwich structure and a double-layer design for space utilisation and heat dissipation.