MWC 2023 is under way and every company in the mobile market, be it the mobile equipment providers, smartphone manufacturers, wearables manufacturers as well as tech giants supporting them are all present on the floor announcing their newest features. As part of the summit, Google has now announced 9 new exciting features for Android and WearOS.

Google Keep single note widget

For those of you who love the checklist/to-do feature of Keep, can now pin notes, check off to-do lists, view reminders and customize the colors and images from your Home screen—all from the new Google Keep widget on Android phones and tablets.

Google Keep notes on your smart watch

If you are one of the smart watch users running WearOS, you can now browse or create notes on Google Keep using your voice with two new shortcuts for your Wear OS watch face.

Annotate PDFs in the Google Drive app for Android

Use a stylus or simply touch the screen to annotate PDFs in the Google Drive app for Android. You can also try different ink strokes to provide notes or feedback freehand, or use the highlighter tool to save important text neatly on your tablet or phone. Then hide, undo, delete or save a new copy of your annotated documents.

Google Meet noise cancellation

Google Meet now has built in noise cancellation feature, available to all Android devices. You can now be better prepared for your next meeting!

Fast Pair on Chromebook

Soon, Fast Pair will be able to connect new Bluetooth headphones to your Chromebook with just one tap. And if you’ve already set up headphones with your Android phone, your Chromebook will automatically connect to them as well.

New Emojis

Google seems to keeping adding to the collection of its emoji library and this time its not missed either. New emoji combinations are now available on Emoji Kitchen for you to mash up, remix and share as stickers via Gboard. Use them to make some 📣 noise 📣 for your favorite basketball team (just in time for March Madness 🏀) or express your spring colors 💐🌼 with friends.

Google Wallet Tap to Pay Animations

Fun new tap to pay animations on Google Wallet to help confirm your in-store transactions, so keep an eye out for some cheerful penguins, plus many others.

Google Chrome Zoom upto 300% while still preserving page layout

You can now easily increase the size of content on Chrome — including text, images, video and interactive controls — by up to 300% to suit your vision preferences while still preserving the page layout. This includes the ability to set your preferred content size as a default so you don’t have to change it every time you open up Chrome.

Improvements in smart watch accessibility

With Wear OS 3+, we’ll now have Mono-audio to help limit disorientation caused by split-audio and while color-correction and grayscale modes give you more choice for your watch display.