Google had earlier this year announced that one will soon be able to play their favorite PlayStore games on their PC. And the good news here is that they are on track with it, with the latest update being that they are expanding the Beta program across many more territories including Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft had announced that they’ll soon start supporting Android apps and games on Windows.

Soon after, Google went ahead to announce that they will launch the Google Play Games for PC, way back in January 2022. At that time of announcement, they had started with support for just about 12 games in a handful of countries for Beta testing and encouraging developers to start supporting the same.

With today’s announcement from Android Developer’s Blog, Google has expanded the list of support games to a few dozens of games including including 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle, Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Evony: The King’s Return, support for Windows 10 as well as support for much lower hardware requirements, which now could run with just a Quad core CPU.

If you’re an Android games developer looking to learn more about Google Play Games, go ahead and express interest on the Google Play Games developer site and you can soon get onboarded and make your game compatible to be playable on bigger laptop screens!