Google advertises the Play Pass as a pass that will let you play your games without any ads or in-app purchases!

Google Play Pass is a library of games and apps, which otherwise would have been ad supported or having in-app purchases for premium features. After its initial launch in US in 2019 with just under a 100 games and apps, today boasts of bouquet of close to a 1000 games and apps, with availability across 90+ countries.

What do you need to get your Google Play Pass?

Which games and apps are part of Google Play Pass?

  • Good news: There are close to a 1000 apps in the Google Play Pass library and is ever growing
  • Bad news: Neither PubG nor Call of Duty are part of it

How to get your Google Play Pass?

  • Open your Google Play Store app
  • Click on your Profile picture
  • Click on Play Pass and start enrolling

Can you share your Google Play Pass with friends and family?

In Google Play Pass, you can register as a Family Manager role and with that, you can then share your pass with upto 5 members of your friends and family

How much does Google Play Pass cost?

Google Play Pass costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year, in the United States of America. If you are not from the US, the cost for your own country’s Play Pass subscription would be round about the similar amount after conversion to your local currency.