Ever tried to search for something in Google and due to some unfortunate event, didn’t receive a response? Ever wondered is there a problem with your network or with Google? Are you amongst the ones who’d open Google Search to simply check if your network is working?

Google finally launches its own official Google Search Status Dashboard, where you can check exactly this. Ofcourse with this, you can check if the issue is with your network or with Google. But while at it, one can even check if their search engine is all up and running. If their crawlers are crawling the world wide web. If the search engine is indexing the pages and ofcourse if the search engine itself is working or not.

In the past, Google would update the Google Search Central Twitter Account with updates to disruptions in service.

This dashboard provides status information on the systems that power Google Search. The dashboard shows issues that affect many sites or users, so if you see an issue listed in the dashboard, it may be related to the problem you’re experiencing.

Head to the user guide on how the Google Search Status Dashboard works to understand all about the process on what happens when an issue gets listed, how it gets investigated, the followup information and finally how the detected issue gets fixed or migrated.

The Dashboard also lists historical system statuses and incidents in its Summary and History pages for incidents that have occurred duing the past 5 years.